Environmental Sealing and Environmental Shielding Solutions | EMC EMI

Environmental Shielding and Sealing components customised to your needs

EMC EMI supply environmental shielding and sealing components to our customers’ specific needs. Our specialists have over 50 years’ experience in this field and have the expertise to deliver completely bespoke solutions: designing, developing and customising products and components so your enclosures and fixings are shielded / sealed perfectly and reliably.

Creating new shielding and sealing products

Contact our shielding / sealing experts for friendly advice on the development of new environmental shielding/ sealing products. We will carefully consider all the environmental pressures and stresses placed on seals, gaskets and other components, and work closely with you to deliver a reliable, durable and cost-effective solution.

EMCEMI, has a vast range of materials for environmental sealing sector. We can offer the following materials:

– Neoprene


– Poron

– Solid Silicone

– Silicone Sponge

– SP16 Silicone Sponge

– Nitrile

– Viton


We can also offer some selected materials above which meet the requirements of UL94 VO.

The above materials are available in the following profiles:

– Sheet

– Self-Adhesive Backing

– Fabricated Gaskets

– Single Piece Gaskets

– Moulded Gaskets

– O rings

– Continuous Lengths

– Fitted with Limit Collars or Stops

Materials are in stock for quick despatch.

Adapting existing shielding and sealing components

Shielding and sealing problems can arise when parts or components have to be retro-fitted, perhaps due to changes in environmental regulations and policy. In these cases, we can design bespoke reliable fittings (compression stops, collars etc.) that fit perfectly and safely with the existing products, saving the hassle and expense of you needing to modify or replace the current enclosure / unit.

Improved Performance, maintaining the highest standards

EMC EMI have long-standing relationships with leading manufacturers, which puts us in a position to be at the cutting edge of shielding / sealing technology. This ensures we can provide our customers with products that meet or exceed the latest performance standards and environmental and safety regulations; and can maintain peak performance at extreme conditions.