Conductive Elastomers
Conductive Elastomers
Conductive Elastomer Moulded ‘O’ Rings

Co-extrusion Conductive Gasket
Aluminium Honeycomb Vents
Round Aluminium Honeycomb Vents
Steel Honeycomb Vents
Oriented Wires in Silicone
Knitted Wire Mesh
Knitted Wire Mesh over Elastomer Core
Knitted Wire Mesh with Enviromental IP Carrier
Knitted Wire Mesh Moulded to Silicon-Fluorosilicone
Fabric Over Foam
Neoprene Sponge
Copper & Aluminium Conductive Foil Tape
Conductive Adhesives
Compressed Mesh ‘0’ Rings
Conductive Sponge Material
Thermal Graphite
Composite Wire Mesh and Silicone
Expanded Wire Gasket
Co-extrusion Conductive Gasket
Thermal Gap Pad
Connector Gaskets
Copper Fingerstock
Shielded Windows